Friday, July 17, 2015

Painting Interior Paneled Doors to Add Depth and Interest

When we were painting our new-to-us old farmhouse, I knew I wanted to do something a little different with the interior doors. Some of my inspiration actually came from Downton Abbey! I loved how the blend of crisp white and wall color really added a richness to each room.

The living room and dining room are connected, and both are painted Sherwin Williams Misty. I wanted the doors from those rooms to be Misty, too. So each door has white around the outside, and the paneled portion in the middle is Misty.

The guest bedroom is Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue. Again, I used Sleepy Blue in the center of each door with white around the outside. I think it makes this slightly small bedroom look a little bit larger (instead of the two walls being broken up with huge white rectangles) and more luxurious.

Our office is painted Sherwin Williams Rock Candy. The office is far from done, but this little peek shows you what I did with these doors. It's the same as the others with a twist. I thought that the contrast between the Rock Candy and the white was not enough, so I added a darker gray to the angled part of the paneling. I'm not gonna lie... it wasn't easy to get a straight line on these old doors! But it really adds depth and dimension. The color used there is either Sherwin Williams Krypton or Uncertain Gray. Sorry I can't remember which; we painted from a test jar and I didn't label it!

I'm excited to think of some paneling colors for my upstairs doors. That'll be a challenge because of wallpaper in the hallway and the colors of those spaces.

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