Friday, June 19, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue in the Guest Bedroom

It's already week three of paint talk on #FarmhouseFriday! This time we're talking about Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue (SW 6225). I knew I wanted a blue hue for our guest room because it's Anne's favorite color, and she would be the most frequent guest in the room.

Really, anything would be an improvement over the wallpaper and green trim look in the before picture, right?

I actually found a half-used sample can of this color at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and brought it home to try. The guest room doesn't get a lot of light despite having two windows (they face Northeast). So, the color reads a little darker than the sample on the walls. And that is okay! It's a soothing, unique shade of blue.

This room took quite a bit of work. We had to remove the wallpaper border around the top and replace it with crown molding, repaint all the trim, add a support to the floor to reduce the bounce, and repair the ceiling.

I also had an idea for some cool detail on the doors. That'll be featured in another blog post!

The furniture is my grandparents' first bedroom set from the 1940s. And the 3D wall art on the left is from Japan! I've since added a mirror to the chest of drawers and some additional throw pillows for more color. I'll be sure to share an updated photo of the decor in a future post.

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