Friday, June 5, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Misty in the Living Room and Dining Room

The next five editions of #FarmhouseFriday are going to be all about paint. By the time this mini-series is over, I think we'll all be as bored as if we'd watched all of this paint dry! But I know that some people are really, really into paint colors, so I thought this would be fun to share.

After all of the wallpaper trauma (2+ months of scraping!) We were definitely ready to paint. There were four bedrooms to paint, plus two living rooms and a dining room.

One of the hardest parts about choosing paint colors for our house was that the same color could look so different depending on the room, the wall in the room, and even the time of day. It was frustrating to slap on a test color and decide "I hate that" only to love it the next morning in different light.

We knew that we wanted the paint to be fairly neutral, but we didn't want white or beige. Gray tones seemed like a good fit, especially once all of the trim was a crisp, new white.

Lots of trial and error went into choosing these colors. We bought numerous paint samples. Some looked like concrete, others were too dark, others were too light.

The first paint color I fell in love with was Sherwin Williams Misty (SW6232). (All of our colors are by Sherwin Williams, but the paint is all Behr.)

From the first swatch on the wall I really liked this color. Early on in the process I learned to search Pinterest for my current color of choice. How did it look in different rooms? I didn't find a bad photo of Misty.

Misty wound up in our formal living room and our dining room. These two rooms are connected in a fairly open floor plan, so the colors had to go together well. I thought of choosing a slightly darker hue for the living room because it lies beyond the dining room. We wound up painting them the same color, and it is does read a little darker in the living room because there's not quite as much light there in the afternoon.

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