Friday, June 12, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Rock Candy in the Office, Guest Room, and Closet

I'm picking up where I left off on last week's #FarmhouseFriday paint tour. Today's post will be all about Sherwin Williams Rock Candy (SW6231). I liked this one for rooms that didn't get as much natural light.

Darker grays tended to look like cement in these rooms. Rock Candy looked washed out in the rooms that faced South, so I knew it was a good pick for these darker spaces. It was a step lighter than Misty on the swatch, so I knew I liked this tone.

Rock Candy is neat because it looks gray but in some light, it has a purple hue!

For three rooms, the office, a guest room, and our walk-in closet, I didn't know what color I'd like. So I went with a neutral, thinking I wouldn't hate it in a few months and could always change it if I wanted to.

Here are photos of the closet and guest room. None of the office... it's a work in progress!

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