Monday, June 1, 2015

Now Shipping our Home Decor Worldwide!

Thanks to Etsy's new calculated shipping feature, we can now send our items all over the world. In the past it was nearly impossible to estimate how much shipping would cost for each item to a given location.

Calculated shipping makes things so much easier for both buyers and sellers on Etsy.

For buyers, calculated shipping means:

  • Lower cost, because sellers no longer overestimate package weight
  • More shipping options, because sellers don't have to create the options manually
  • Better discounts for purchasing more items, because shipping is calculated by weight rather than number of items

For sellers, calculated shipping means:
  • No more getting stuck paying for shipping costs that wind up costing more than anticipated
  • Easily offering more options ranging from First Class to Overnight without having to do this manually
  • Taking advantage of Ety's shipping discounts, including First Class packages weighing up to 16 oz, and passing these savings along to buyers!

So no matter where you are located, you can shop Best Bet Design on Etsy.  :)

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