Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making Your Flowers Last All Summer

Annual flowers are great. They had a bright spot of color outside your home. But usually by the time August is around the corner, they start looking a little tired, if they're still alive! Here are a few tips I use to keep my pansies looking great.

First, I choose pansies because they're okay to plant early. A late frost, which could come in May or even June in upstate New York, won't hurt them.

Of course the first tip is to provide the correct amounts of water and sunlight for your plants. Potted plants usually need more water than you think. A good daily soaking helps. So does the occasional dose of fertilizer like MiracleGro.

One of the best tips Anne gave me is to pinch back any stems where the blossoms have gone by. This gives the plant energy to make new blooms!

With pansies you can tell the difference between old and new by looking at the end of the stem. An old one will have dead petals or nothing at all, while a new one will have a colored bud waiting to open.

Happy gardening!

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