Thursday, June 25, 2015

Photos of the Day: Shelving Rock Falls in Lake George, NY (Adirondacks)

Living near the Adirondack Park is great. In case you didn't know, the Adirondack Park is 6 million acres of private and public land in Northern New York state. It was created in 1892 and is the largest area of protected land in the contiguous United States!

There are tons of state parks, hiking trails, mountains, lakes and ponds, and more in this area of the state. Everywhere you go is a great photo opportunity.

Joe and I hiked to Shelving Rock Falls in the Lake George area. Hiked is a relative term, it was fairly level and less than two miles round trip. The drive in was actually tougher than the "hike" because we had to drive for about 11 miles off the main road, most of which was dirt road.

Then the parking area was pretty creepy. It is usually a little unsettling to be in the middle of the woods next to one other guy in his car, with no cell phone service!

We found the trail and started the walk. The trail is really nice; flat, wide, and easy. We heard the falls before we saw them and when they finally came into view they didn't disappoint.

These falls aren't the hugest, but it's cool because you can walk down alongside them and see them from more angles as you go.

When you get to the bottom of the hill it's just a short walk to the shores of Lake George. Right across the lake is The Sagamore, an inn/resort that's impressive even from more than a mile across the water!

This is a fun, easy hike that we really enjoyed. It's pretty cool to think the Revolutionary War was fought in this area, and the soldiers were walking in some of the same places, seeing some of the same things. The rocky cliffs near the top of the falls look like something right out of Last of the Mohicans! If you go, don't forget the bug spray.

Here are the instructions we used for hiking to Shelving Rock Falls.

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