Friday, June 26, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Quietude in the Master Bedroom

This is week four in my #FarmhouseFriday paint selection series! The time has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday I was coming up with the idea to blog about paint, let alone it seems like a week ago that we were doing the actual painting!

Choosing a paint color for our master bedroom was difficult to say the least. As a reminder, here's what we were working with before we stripped the wallpaper:

This room is big. It's 17'x17'. So whatever the color it was going to be very visible. 

The room has four windows; two on the South side and two on the West. It doesn't get a whole lot of light because of a big tree.

First we tried gray. We tried about four shades. They looked okay in bright light, but in anything other than that, they looked like concrete. I really didn't want to fall asleep in a master bedroom that looked like cinder blocks!

We tried Sleepy Blue but even that read gray. 

In last minute frustration (we were getting ready to move in so we had to get paint on the walls) I asked for a color sample of something I picked off a random swatch. That color was Quietude by Sherwin Williams. It looked ok on the walls so I just went with it. We used Sherwin Colors on Behr paint from Home Depot.

How do I like it now? It's okay. In bright light it's nice. At night it looks darker and more dull, kind of like an institutional green. So I'm not crazy about that. 

We recently added thermal curtains and it's really hard to find much color selection in reasonably-priced yet high-quality drapes. I went with gray and of course that added to the institutional feel. I'd prefer white, but the ones I've found are either too expensive or too thin.

The master bedroom is far from done. Like I said, it's a huge space, and we're far from filling it. We do want to upgrade to king size bed and maybe use a room divider to put a little workout area in one corner. Once it's a little more finished I will post a furnished photo.

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