Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Think You Need to Shop? Try This Instead: Look Through Your Drawers

When I moved into this house a year ago, lots of things got thrown into drawers and never looked at again. We had a housewarming party about a month and a half after moving in. Many things still hadn't found a "home", and at the time it was faster to shove them into drawers so the house looked nice for the party.

Fast forward a year, and those drawers are still a wreck. So, I started cleaning them out. Our house has many drawers, for example, in this antique desk.

It's amazing what you find in drawers that haven't been opened in a year.

For instance, I thought we were running low on batteries. I. Was. Wrong.

I definitely don't need AAAs or rechargeable AAs. My battery charger has been working overtime to get through the 16 rechargeable AAs I found in an unused desk!

Sometimes you are lucky enough to find money. I didn't find any cash, but I did find more than $100 in gift cards. Score!

I also found a lot of things to recycle or throw away. Takeout menus from our old neighborhood, random bits of paper, and broken photo frames do not need to be kept hanging around in our drawers.

So if you have some time, take a few minutes to go through a random drawer. You never know what you'll find. Even if there's nothing exciting, you may be able to declutter a little bit!

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