Wednesday, May 20, 2015

About Us - the Creators Behind Best Bet Design

We are Anne and Laura, a mother-daughter team that created Best Bet Design.

Laura & Anne with a past family pet, Speckles

I'm Laura and I live with my husband in New York. We live with our English setter and cat in an 1800s farmhouse. My part of Best Bet Design is operating this blog and our Instagram account @BestBetDesign. You can follow my personal Twitter account @SavvyExacta.

Laura on the island of Corsica, France

Here are a few facts about me:
  • I work full time in product management and community management.
  • I love horseback riding, traveling, reading, and Instagram. 
  • I've traveled to about half of the states in the USA and to 14 countries outside the USA.

Anne lives with her boyfriend in Florida. She has been decorating the new house they recently moved into. She really enjoys bags and shopping at second hand stores.

Anne's strategy for Best Bet Design is organizing her “work” week by allocating different days of the week to cutting, sewing, etc. She also runs our Twitter account, @BestBetDesign.

Anne at the Space Needle in Seattle

Here are a few facts from Anne:
  • Love to read, though lately sewing has been limiting that…. do enjoy mysteries most of all, especially with characters that have a sense of humor.
  • Love working with bright colored fabrics.  
  • I like to make a “quick” stop at the fabric store…….quick meaning an hour!  No speed shopping at fabric stores. Sew many fabrics, sew little time.

Both of us have always enjoyed sewing. You can read a little bit about that in our Mother's Day post.

Stay tuned for more posts about us on Wednesdays!

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