Friday, July 3, 2015

Farmhouse Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams Topsail in the Family Room aka the Rustic Room

This is the fifth week of my #FarmhouseFriday paint colors series. The end is in sight... next week will be my last post discussing color! This week I'll talk about the paint color I chose for one of our living rooms, the one we call the rustic room. When you see the fireplace in the photos you'll understand how it got its name!

rustic stone fireplace

When we purchased the house this room was beige with brown wood paneling and built-ins, plus a red, yellow, and green striped carpet. The carpet was first to go. (I'll probably talk more about our flooring choice in a future blog post.) Then we changed the wall color in order to take some of the beige out of the room. There was already a lot of brown going on between the walls and floor.

brown custom built in shelving

I chose a white color with a bluish hue. It's Sherwin Williams Topsail (SW6217). Unlike the other rooms I didn't have much trouble making a decision here. This was the first color I swatched and it was good enough for me. It also went nicely with partially stained board wall in the room. It's a teal color.

SW topsail in a family room

In bright light it appears to be white with a gray base, and at night blue blue tint comes through. It's soothing and a nice contrast to the neutrals in the room. It's also a departure from the gray that runs through most of the rest of the house!

SW topsail in a family room

That's it for this room. I will have some more photos of fireplace and built-ins in future blog posts.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!!

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