Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All About Laura's Sewing Machine - Singer from 1995

A few weeks ago Anne wrote a blog post about her sewing machine. This week is all about my machine!

Interestingly, Anne's machine was first used by her mom. And I also inherited this sewing machine from my grandmother.

About my Machine

My sewing machine is a Singer 9323 that my grandmother got on January 25, 1995. It's a basic machine with a number of different stitch choices.

For the most part the machine works very well. Occasionally the bobbin thread will jam up beneath the fabric. That usually means it's time to clean the machine, change the needle, and wind a new bobbin!

I've read that there is an embroidery kit for this sewing machine and I look forward to getting one and trying it out someday.

Learning to Sew

I learned to sew in home-ec class. We made bears and shorts. It wasn't until later that I started sewing other things. like curtains and Halloween costumes.

I almost never work from a pattern. I'd rather look at something and figure out how to sew the material to make that end result. This has worked out okay for me so far!

What I've Sewn

I made a lot of the curtains for our first house. I've also sewn lots of pillow covers!

Halloween costumes are fun to sew. I've made a Maleficent costume using a headband and an old graduation gown. One year I made a red velvet cape for little red riding hood. And on 12/12/12 we held an end-of-the-world party; I made my husband a Mayan costume!

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