Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lucky Horseshoes: Symbolism, History, and Decorating Ideas

Horseshoes have been considered to be lucky talismans since around 400BC. The iron material was said to ward of goblins and evil spirits who caused misfortune around the home.

The horseshoe evolved to symbolize more than just preventing misfortune; it helped keep good fortune "hanging around":

  • Most say you should hang the horseshoe right side up (with the open ends at the top) because it collects luck and holds it in.
  • Some say you should hang the horseshoe upside down (with the open ends at the bottom) because it allows the luck to flow to those around you.

Horseshoes come in a number of materials, but steel is the most common these days. Most of the decorated horseshoes in our Etsy shop are authentic (and unused) steel horse or pony shoes.

silver pony-sized lucky horseshoe

green pony-sized lucky horseshoe with seashells

These horseshoes are great for yourself or friends and family. The seashell shoe would be great for a beach house. A simple silver shoe would make a wonderful wedding gift, housewarming present, or graduation gift. 

Contact us if you'd like to use these as wedding or shower favors or even centerpieces. We can accommodate large orders with enough lead time!

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