Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spruce up Your Yard with Clearance Flowers

I stopped in the garden center of my local Walmart last week. I noticed a rack in the corner. It mostly contained some sad looking flowers, but also a bunch of vibrant pansies! Pansies are great for early planting because they hold up better in the cold than most flowers. Cold in May, you say? Well, we had a frost on May 22! Petunias are great for attracting hummingbirds.

Anyway, annual flowers (the ones you plant every year, or "annual"ly) are a great way to brighten up your yard while you're waiting for spring to transition to summer. I purchased almost all of these flowers on clearance at Walmart for about $25.

As long as they aren't dead, you can usually coax them back to life. Pinch back dead flowers and give the plants some water and fertilizer. They just want to be planted and cared for!

I like to group flowers of different colors, shapes, and heights.

I bought all of these pots at Big Lots about five years ago. The whiskey barrel came with the house.

Of course, perennials are an even easier way to make your yard look good each year. Walmart had a number of perennial plants marked down to $5 or less. I bought a pretty purple and white columbine. We were lucky that our house already had a nicely established perennial garden. Our irises are blooming right now.

No place to plant flowers outside? That's ok! Bring some faux or fresh flowers into your home. You can also springify with floral printed home decor.

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