Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farmhouse Light Fixture Ideas

When we bought our 1850 farmhouse there were no light fixtures in many of the rooms. (Except the "interrogation light" in the kitchen, the metal one at head-smacking height by the bar, an assortment in the bathrooms, and the recessed one in the closet.) But none at all in the living room, dining room, or bedrooms. (Well, one of the bedrooms did have an exterior light fixture mounted to the wall.)

So, first order of business as we did our pre-move-in renovations was to shed some light on things! I shopped (and shopped, and shopped...) for fixtures for our living room, dining room, and master bedroom.

We were lucky that although no fixtures were present, the three rooms were all wired for them. The living room and dining room were capped off. The master bedroom had a rickety fan that was barely hanging from the ceiling.

In searching for fixtures I wanted to find lighting that would go with the age of the house, but not look outdated. So no brass fixtures or plain glass.

Living Room Light: White, Nickel, and Crystal

For the living room we had to be sure to choose something that set fairly flush with the low ceiling so nobody would smack their head. This left out most chandeliers.

I chose a really pretty fixture with crystals. I like that the white part almost blends with the ceiling.

Dining Room Light: Black Chandelier with Candles and Crystals

I wanted a chandelier in the dining room. So many things made this tricky:

  • The socket for wiring is in the center of the room, not centered with the window
  • The ceiling is low
  • It is visible from the living room, so the two light fixtures would need to go together
I went back and forth between a very expensive white chandelier with candles and crystals and the less expensive black one that I eventually decided on. I like how the black ties into the black frames and candle holders on the gallery wall. It also ties into the black furniture in the next room. And it stands out a little more than a white one would have.

Check out some of the other light fixtures I liked:

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